CITY Surveillance PLATFORM

Tools to enhance security and optimize operations

The competence to provide high level security is extremely crucial today. The adoption of functional video cameras transmitting data to centralized servers bring about dependable surveillance. For effective surveillance, it is important to learn and verify the implementation method and configuration of the system. The surveillance components are methodized aptly to identify the needs of clients and recommend apt solutions for them.

We build surveillance systems by employing a diverse range of cameras from a to create a system that best meets your needs. Our setups help reduce theft, prevent losses and increase safety; leading to more efficient daily operations in a variety of functions.


Weatherproof outdoor enclosure which is IP compliant (at various levels)

Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functions

Mounting arm and camera lowering system


  • Highway surveillance
  • Effective safety and security services to road users
  • Toll plaza surveillance
  • Personnel security
  • Monitoring all activities in and around the plaza
  • City surveillance
  • Large complexes and inhabitants’ surveillance
  • Enhancing the traffic management
  • No video loss in feed received by the Control Centre
  • Supports all types of backbone communications like OFC, GSM etc

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