Logistics Services

Vara Infrovate’s aggressive and client-centric approach has made it India’s first organization to carry out operations in 13 ports across India. Our range of smart solutions and exceptional service has allowed us to reduce the overall lead time of container movements and lower transactional costs incurred by shippers and consignees within a short span of time

13 Million Containers and Counting…

We’ve tagged around 13 million EXIM Containers using RFID technology. An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Tag) tag is attached to each container which is tracked through RIFD readers installed at different locations. This facility helps importers & exporters trace their goods in transit through logistics data bank services.


  • Single window search for end-to-end tracking
  • Basic Analytics: Dwell Time, Transit Time, Efficiency, Average Delivery Time, Alerts, Google Map View etc.
  • Detailed Analytics: Container Heat Map, Congestion Analysis, etc.
  • Inventory and Health Monitoring
  • Visibility services for 99% of India’s Container Volume

Value Proposition

  • Transparency: End-to-end visibility across the supply chain.
  • Efficiency: Better handshaking (Port and Railways, Railways and ICD)
  • Bottleneck analysis: Congestion analysis
  • Performance benchmarking: Increasing competitiveness and inculcating Kaizen


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