Highway Traffic Management Platform

Tools to automate your operations and make highways safer

Our advanced solutions on Highway Traffic Management Systems ensure safe and secure means of road commute and usage in India. We’ve designed a set of intelligently integrated equipment to implement highly efficient highway solutions that are effective and easily implementable.

Our intelligent system records and analyses information on the roads real-time to deliver reports to control centers where relevant action can be taken swiftly. This ensures smooth traffic movement and timely reaction to hazardous situations, making them safer.



Our monitoring mechanism used for surveillance improves visibility of road incidents.

Real-time Information

The system gathers, consolidates and delivers real-time predictive analysis of traffic.

Product Lifecycle

Monitors and track the lifecycle of the product


  • Variable Message Signboards
  • CCTV Cameras and Surveillance
  • Optical Fibre Cable and Wireless Communication
  • HTMS Control Centre
  • Emergency Call Boxes – SIM and OFC based
  • Weather Management and Control
  • Mobility Control Solutions


We recognize the diversified privileges of the HTMS implementations across the spectrum. Keeping that in mind, we’ve developed 3 variants of the solution catering to:

  • High End HTMS
  • Basic HTMS


Our high end solutions are structured out of the best in class powerful technologies that fetch long-term benefits and better ROI to customers. Our basic products cater to the requirements for quick deployment of vital systems to meet short-term needs. We make installations quicker and economically viable.

Our partnerships with various OEMs and service providers allow us to engage experts at the best price while providing an innovative touch to solutions through our expertise and experience.

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