Electronic Toll Collection

Electronic Toll Collection is the most efficient way to manage roads with high density traffic
today. We deliver innovative and dependable Electronic Toll Structures (ETC) that are designed keeping in mind the future as well as the current Indian infrastructure scenario. Our solutions are grounded, easy to use and are currently functional in thousands of toll collection centers around you.

ETCs not only save time and cost, but are also effective in reducing accidents, fuel wastage and traffic congestion. It offers flexible payment systems and helps improve operations based on enhanced data collection.



With superior in-house technology, our solutions are designed to deliver enhanced speed.


Our systems are built to scale and manage immense volume of transactions effortlessly.


We build solutions that are highly secure and have tamper-resistant qualities.

Why Vara?

Our expertise and innovation gives us a competitive edge and helps us deliver superior experiences. We’re functional in some of the most prestigious and challenging plazas for the last 4 years owing to:

  • High Speed fully automated transaction processing
  • Reduction in manpower due to optimal operations enablement
  • Focus on data security and data analytics
  • Optimized for low power consumption
  • Reduced pollution and fuel wastage at plazas
  • Easy to maintain with minimal intervention
  • Free support on all our installations – a guarantee of our offering


Flexibility is at the core of all our offerings. We broadly deliver two kinds of ETCs based on the client’s requirements.

Dedicated ETC

Mixed Mode ETC

Dedicated ETC lanes enable vehicles to cruise through the dedicated lanes without stopping at multiple toll plazas on Highways.

Mixed mode/hybrid ETCs cut down on travelling time, enables seamless transfer of goods across the states and offers a great alternative for daily travelers on the route.

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