Building the future takes talent, focus and a thirst for adventure. We’re always looking for curious, hard- working leaders who can push boundaries and empower our community.

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We believe that we grow when our people grow. All our policies are shaped towards employee welfare and development. We nurture your skills and push you towards excellence. If you’re determined to reach your potential and achieve professional growth; we’re the perfect catalyst.

Anurita Majumdar

Associate Manager, Content

Vara offers an inspiring and independent environment where people are encouraged to perform and grow in their own ways. There is abundant scope for each person to go beyond their job roles and grow with the organization. It’s been a challenging, yet fulfilling journey so far.

Subodh Raghunath Jagtap

Trainee, Software Development Team

Working at Vara has proven to be benificial for me as it has given me an opportunity to expand my Knowledge and test my abilities. I can proudly say that this is my first and best move.

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