border check post operations

Optimize your Check Post Operations with Innovative & Sophisticated Solutions

We offer highly efficient custom solutions for Border Check Posts and other installations that require similar vehicular and movement control. Our system components are designed to be compact, automated and skillfully integrate into the operational processes of Border Check Post arrangements.

We have helped build hundreds of border check posts and similar infrastructures across the country. Our specialty lies in understanding the specifics of each requirement and offering tailored solutions. A brilliant in-house technology center, a trusted financial structure and an experienced team make us the best service provider in this industry.


Software Systems for

Border Check Posts

Network and


RFID based Access


Weigh in Motion and

Static Weigh Bridge

Automatic Vehicle


Data Centre – Local

or Cloud-based

Lane Equipment-

Barriers, signals,


Booth and Server

Room Systems


  • We understand the importance of a well-designed and process oriented architecture in the effective functioning of a Border Check Post
  • Our versatile solutions are designed keeping in mind the prerequisites of different check posts and integrate seamlessly with numerous state-of-the-art configuration systems.
  • Our home-grown and made-to-order customized software solutions reinforce flexibility and operations based technology that assist in the competent and efficient functioning of disciplines.
  • Our systems have a longer life, lower your TCO and require minimal effort in maintenance.
  • We also provide services for a variety of operational needs in Border Check Post Programs that require minimum technical skills and are best executed when managed through a process- oriented and innovative solution.

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